Raasay Iron Mine

Raasay Iron Mine

In 1916, It was agreed that German Prisoners of War would be employed on Raasay to work at the Iron Mine. To enable this to happen, the government, led by Winston Churchill, took over the mine as Prisoners of War where not allowed to work for ‘Private’ companies….. leaving William Baird & Co still in charge. Baird’s would be responsible to the government for the economical running of the mine.

In May 1916 the government undertook to supply up to 200 German Prisoners to work in the mine. The prisoners remained on Raasay until about Easter 1919

Our tour will take you to the Old Pier, the Hopper and Kiln remains,  then we head off towards Fearns and the No1 Mine. The views from there across the sound of Raasay towards the Culin’s is spectacular.

We will then head back through the village of Inverarish and see the houses where the POW’s lived… The coal houses and wash rooms.

We then off to the Cemetery to the Prisoners Grave Stone, a carved boulder. It is inscribed with two prisoners who died during the war on Raasay.