About Us

sheepieI came travelling here, to the Highlands, some three years ago and fell in love with the beauty of it.  Early  2016 I decided to make it my home, so now live on an Island just off Skye. .

Its ever-changing facets are what makes me feel glad to be alive. Wether its blowing a ‘Hoolie’ or we are basking in sunshine, there is always something spectacular to look at or feel grateful for. I would love for you see the Highlands and Islands as I do and enjoy it too.

Take a tour with me through some of the most beautiful and breathtaking countryside in the United Kingdom. My passion is Photography, the Great Outdoors, Wildlife and History. If its Sunrise, Sunsets, Castles & Clans or Whisky you are interested in….or maybe you would like to see where your Ancestors came from, I can put together an Itinerary specific to you…… Just get in touch. Let me ensure you enjoy all that we have to offer in the Highlands.